Jill Stanton - Confidently following your vision and boldly accepting change in your life

In this episode, I have an interesting chat with a good friend of mine, Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five. Jill shares with us her entrepreneurial journey as a woman and a mother; the struggles she experienced; and how this has influenced the changes in her vision for her life and business (with her husband Josh).

What You’ll Learn About:

  • The story of how Jill’s entrepreneurial journey started.

  • How her struggles changed and morphed her as an entrepreneur.

  • The work that she’s doing now.

  • Their experience during the shifts they implemented to follow their vision.

  • Her son’s role in changing their vision.

  • Future plans for their business.

  • An important take-away from the Imposter Syndrome.

  • Wonderful advice from Jill on the things you need to think about today.



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