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eliminate your business chaos. 

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Holding your breath until that 6 figure income come’s knocking at your door isn't a next level strategy.


you are ready to grow your business…..

You long for the freedom that being an entrepreneur brings you, but you realize that you've thrown together a whole process that won't support your business very well.

You’re working your ass off, you’re trying to show up for your business, your feel like you’re going in a million different directions,

trying to clear items off your to-do list, all with little to no reward for your hard work.

You feel like you’re re-inventing the wheel,

wondering if being an entrepreneur REALLY EVER could be easy.

Building a business without a solid foundation is like building a glass castle.

The more you grow, the more clients see you, and the more clients come to your door … the more you feel naked, and unorganized.

And pretty soon, out of desperation, the only way to stop feeling like that is to just stop growing.

But GROWING your business is what lights you up. You are determined. You can get the clients. You’ve made money.

It’s not quite enough. It doesn’t quite feel right. And it’s not quite the way you envisioned it.
I get it. I was there before.

I know better and I’m here to tell you that making money CAN be light and simple.

And this will bring the growth you need,

the money you desire, and the confidence you deserve!

you. Do. have. options.



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here's what clients have to say...


Whitedove was a life saver. I was trying to do my books in my own makeshift system and it wasn’t working out!  She got me all set up with QuickBooks and in no time helped me organize a years’ worth of bookkeeping.  It is so easy now and for that I am very grateful.  I highly recommend her services!

L. Harmon ~ Instill Harmony


As a fairly new business owner, just over 2 years, Whitedove has saved me tons of work hours and stress. Working on getting in-network with health companies, marketing, health screenings, paperwork, patient appointments, and many other things on my mind. I am at ease with my accounting service knowing Whitedove is on my team. It is nice to work WITH someone than work FOR someone. She is vastly different from my past experience with accountants. She is quick and organizes your spending in no time at all! She has saved me money as well time during tax season! I look forward to working with her well into the future! Thanks Whitedove!

J. Hall ~ Hall Chiropractic


Whitedove is such a pleasure to work with. She is quick and effective, saving me time and money, which is crucial for my small business. She also knows how to effectively communicate with clients and for me, that's extremely important.  I highly recommend Whitedove and will be using her services again soon.

T. Thompkins ~ Celebrate American Made