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Hello! I'm so happy to meet you! I'm Whitedove, the down to earth chic with the different name. An end-of-the-era hippie kid, my name originated from my father....just to be different. While it may seem unusual to you, having lived my whole life with this name, it feels completely normal to me. It will to you too, I promise!

Happily married with 5 kids, Whitedove lives in beautiful Colorado.  Over the past 4 years of growing her business, she has had the pleasure of leading other small businesses and entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the overwhelm of their business while creating an opportunity for them to run efficiently, allowing time to pursue their goal, WITHOUT sacrificing quality of life.

With a strong desire to be unique and to express herself creatively, Whitedove is not your average business coach.  After spending almost 15 years as the co-owner with her husband of a mid-sized company, in 2013 she started her own business with a desire to re-invent how women can have a business and a family by redefining what it means to be successful. With that goal in mind, Whitedove developed a new approach to working with clients – going beyond the "all or nothing" mentality for small business owners and focusing on resolving business efficiency, while adding value, that contribute to the day-to-day needs of busy women.

And that's right where she wants to be.

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