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Vision Board workshops

This is not about a bunch of women getting together to craft something over random conversation and a couple of drinks. This is not your average vision board workshop of old. There is so much more connection to your business world than a sweet get-together.

Visions Board workshops have taken on a new meaning with businesses using the team-building opportunity to set the stage for meaningful production around a work and life balance. Business owners want their employees to thrive in life, because they will then also thrive in the business.

So how does a self employed solopreneur or entrepreneur also utilize the same tools of a vision board workshop centered around business and life goals if they don’t have employer/employee team-building opportunities?


By attending our Vision Board workshop for the business woman.

Here’s the thing…when you are successful and motivated in your personal life, that translates to the business you are building.

What these workshop are:

  • A goal oriented mini-class to learn the tools and methods to connect your business and your personal life

  • Identifying the root of what you are striving for and maintaining those priorities to build sustainable balance

  • Diving into what that future looks like for you so you can step in that direction with clarity

    what these workshop are not:

  • These are NOT a crafting session

  • These are NOT exercises of rummaging through magazines chatting mindlessly with friends

  • These are NOT whimsical get-together to “attract”

Want to join us for our upcoming Vision Board workshops

or experiences for business women?

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