Small Business Strategies:

~show me the money~

Series 2 of 4 in the free Small Business Strategies course showing you what your money is saying and how to understand your business financial picture.

But first things first...

Do you even KNOW what the money game looks like for your business?

Hold up, STOP NOW.

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Join me live, November 8th at 10am, for 1 hour to deep dive into understanding

how to look at the money behind your business.



  • Exactly what your finances actually mean  
  • How to read your financial documents sensibly, with ease 
  • The accounting concepts you need to truly forecast and scale your business the RIGHT way
  • How to feel confident about the money side of your biz and breathe easy in the knowledge that you aren't missing something important

Bring your computer or bookkeeping system for Q&A after with 1:1 breakout sessions

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