Small Business Strategies:


Series 2 of 4 in the free Small Business Strategies course showing you how to easily navigate Quickbooks Online for your business financial picture.

But first things first...

Do you have an online bookkeeping system you already started but don't quite understand?

Or maybe you don't but recognize you need to have this started before the end of the year?


Neither of those scenarios are wrong, you just need help getting past the dreaded stuck points.


This class is created for you, right where you currently are in your process. 


Join me live, November 8th at 10am, for 1 hour to dive into

understanding Quickbooks online for your business.



  • Exactly how to utilize the accounting program for YOUR business 
  • How to clean up or set up your QBO file, easily 
  • Understanding the basics of the program to truly forecast and scale your business the RIGHT way
  • How to feel confident about the money side of your biz and breathe easy in the knowledge that you aren't missing something important

What will you take away?

  1. The concept of how simplified QBO is and how it can do the work for you.
  2. How to easily navigate inside the system.
  3. How to create your perfect COA (the brains around your bookkeeping).
  4. How to find, create, and read your Profit & Loss report (the money story inside your books).
  5. When to look at your books and why that matters.

Bonus Opportunity: Bring your computer or bookkeeping system for A

FREE PRIVATE 1:1 breakout session after

I want YOU to be successful in your business backend. I'm offering ONLY 4 1:1 breakout session times to take a look at your system and analyse individualized take-aways that will create clarity around a more efficient process for maintaining your books.

First come, first served basis. Be sure to grab yours in the enrollment form before they're gone!

(can be live, in person or online, via private video conference)

Need a refresher on Bookkeeping Basics? Check out Series 1 here.

Let's. Do. This.

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