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eliminate your business chaos. 

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Procrastinating and waiting until you figure out how to get your business to coexist with your desired life isn't a next level strategy.



you. have. options.


You want to build a successful business.

You also want to be become a successful entrepreneur by building a solid understanding of your entire business but you want balance with your personal life.

we care about your success.

StartUp Academy is an innovative solution devoted to developing entrepreneurs. Our mission is to help improve the ability to make sound decisions for business and personal growth. We view ourselves as partners with our clients, our community and our world. We aim to become a nationally recognized brand focused on entrepreneurial sustainability in understanding how this navigates around your day-to-day picture. 

Vision Board workshop and experiences grew out of a resounding need for entrepreneurial women to balance both a growing business and a full life. Our workshops are Step 1 of a 5-Step method to achieve harmony between business goals and a dream life.

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here's what clients have to say...


Whitedove was a life saver. I was trying to do my books in my own makeshift system and it wasn’t working out!  She got me all set up with QuickBooks and in no time helped me organize a years’ worth of bookkeeping.  It is so easy now and for that I am very grateful.  I highly recommend her services!

L. Harmon ~ Instill Harmony


As a fairly new business owner, just over 2 years, Whitedove has saved me tons of work hours and stress. Working on getting in-network with health companies, marketing, health screenings, paperwork, patient appointments, and many other things on my mind. I am at ease with my accounting service knowing Whitedove is on my team. It is nice to work WITH someone than work FOR someone. She is vastly different from my past experience with accountants. She is quick and organizes your spending in no time at all! She has saved me money as well time during tax season! I look forward to working with her well into the future! Thanks Whitedove!

J. Hall ~ Hall Chiropractic


Whitedove is such a pleasure to work with. She is quick and effective, saving me time and money, which is crucial for my small business. She also knows how to effectively communicate with clients and for me, that's extremely important.  I highly recommend Whitedove and will be using her services again soon.

T. Thompkins ~ Celebrate American Made