Time To Be Seen; Encouraging Women To Be Visible Entrepreneurs

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FEM stands for Female Entrepreneur Movement. This is a movement for women entrepreneurs to proudly own their rightful journey through entrepreneurship.

I had an experience a couple of weeks ago where, with no ill intent, my client demographic was called "mompreneurs".

Hold up for a minute....

Having no idea who I work with, this was from a man assuming that because I have chosen to build businesses IN TANDEM with raising a family, it must be who my clients are because that's who he thinks I am.

(I want to reiterate, there was zero ill intention from his comment, so please do not comment on this post with man-bashing. That is not the purpose of this post.)

First, I have worked with hundreds of women entrepreneurs. Some with families, many with no families. Every single one of them contribute to the betterment of society in their own unique way.

Clearly, this was simple stereotyping from ignorance.

Second, I've worked with so many women who are simply brilliant at what they do and what they've created, that they should not be reduced to cute terminology.

I take issue with the term "mompreneur", "boss babe", "girl boss", "mom boss", and any other cute term for badass women entrepreneurs.

We've allowed these words to perpetuate. We have settled for that label.

While those descriptive words are innocent and trendy, I want you to take a moment to reflect on how they have inadvertently reduced women's impact on the entrepreneurial scene.

Equality issues come in many forms. This is one of those gender equality issues. We cannot expect to level the playing field and have a seat at the proverbial table if we are not diligent in the words we use.

I am an entrepreneur. I am a woman. This doesn't make me better than any other man or woman in the entrepreneurial space....but it also does not minimize the road I've traveled to be successful. And I certainly do not accept a cute description for my hard work. Even if it means my journey was in tandem with raising my kids.

We do not have to choose between the two, or combine it with a made up word.