The Freedom That Already Exists

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You do the work you do, build the business you build, dare to dream the dream, for a reason.

A purpose.

Your purpose.

IF, and only if, you are true to yourself.

There are those that know no better than to be a slave to the machine. They live for the weekend, the next mini-break, the next chance to breathe and feel alive, just enough to go back to their grind.

And then hold their breath through the cycle yet again.

They know no better.

But then there’s you. Halfway there. Awake and searching, but still grinding.

It feels hard at times.
But you know why you are on this path.

It feels suffocating at times.
But you aware it will pass and you will be better on the other side.

It’s tiring going round and round. Possibly even more tiring because you are aware.

Isn’t ignorance is bliss?

No, ignorance is ignorance. You can’t BE ignorant. It’s not in you to be so. So read on…

Many of us get caught chasing the purpose externally that we loose sight of the purpose internally. Reaching for the next level, the next benchmark, the next pivotal moment, will ONLY get you so far. That longed for feeling of being in a state of internal peace, where you know you can weather any storm.

So many entrepreneurs search for this ever elusive feeling of peaceful freedom.

The next level will get you there, right? The next six, or seven, even eight figures will grant you this…yes?

No, my friend. It will not. No amount of money will fill this void. When you hit the six figure mark, how will you be any different? How will you be more peaceful? How will you have more freedom?

You won’t. Because what you seek is not that benchmark. There is a misalignment if even giving way to the thought that an arbitrary goal could somehow give you this.

WHY do you want this goal? 
WHAT void will that fill?

That answer you can have now, before reaching those goals.

If you can’t be happy with where you are today, right now, being at peace with your pathway TO that goal, then that goal will not be what you think or desire it to be.

Let the worries, the trials, the hard moments be what they are.

They cannot break you.

Live IN your purpose now. That freedom already exists. You just have open your eyes to choose it.