Conditioning the Entrepreneurial Process; Purposeful Living


One of the hardest things you need to understand, if you truly desire to let go of old habits that have caught you, and stopped you, from being all you are, is that you ARE going to need to be clear on your vision+goals and create habits to live accordingly.

But that should not stop you from expanding.

You’re going to have to do the inner work of conditioning yourself out of just doing processes and into a more evolved version of the you waiting in the wings.

I used to worry that maybe one day it would all just fall apart. It was exhausting having to worry about this, having to basically hold the world up, in my own mind, 24/7 to make sure it kept turning. What if I just woke up one day and it all just stopped working? The old habit of fear is crippling.

...and there's work that's going to need to be done.

THIS is really why we must do whatever it is that the next level version of us WOULD be doing each day, in order to feel we are actually LIVING.

Connected to purpose.


You can journal over and over again on being free, ready, and “it’s my time!”.

But if you don’t CHOOSE that reality through remapping over old habits, the things you say yes to no matter WHAT your fear has to say about it, then guess what?

You may never reach that change.

Not because it’s not available, or because you’re not worth it; we know you are.

But because you just never did.