External Motivation Isn't Sustainable

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We live in an information consumption era where there are plenty of badass courses, classes and coaches to help us achieve just about anything we desire to pursue. 

I fully embrace each of those myself because I, too, am all about learning and growing. 


What works for one doesn't necessarily work for another. So we continue the search.

Many of us will follow influencers, purchase books and content, work with someone until we find one that 'clicks' for that moment with the right message. Then we are able to make a growth surge...

...because it activates our internal motivation. 

There is no possible way to fully grow without internal motivation. Inherently we seek not to consume more just to learn, we seek that spark inside. 

But that internal motivation has to be created by ourselves. We cannot directly rely on those items or people to be our motivation or we will fail when the pain point that brought us to that search subsides.

Maybe they help light that fire inside creating the motivation we are looking for...

but we have to recognize the need comes from within and let it contagiously spark our own awareness to push past only searching when we are blinded by our own temporary inability to produce motivation.

And it's not always warm and fuzzy.

But that's ok.

Since we all have something we are trying to grow in life, whether we are trying to be a better human, or whether we are working on our business, step back for a moment to make sure you are gravitating towards those courses or classes or even people in your world that will help you identify how to spark your internal motivator, not just to be your temporary external motivator. 

Search not for the answer to be given to you, but for that which reveals the answer you already have.