Bookkeeping Your Business Is More Mental Than You Think

Moneyblock 2.jpg

Some blogs are boring and white-paperish.

Some speak from the analytical world and make sense.

Some are creatively deeper and emotionally resonate with us.

Some grip us because they spark a connection between the creative and analytical worlds. One that doesn't show up together often.


Most of us have not perfected the deeper levels of awareness we possess. And no, this is not a spiritual blog. But it does tie into you being an entrepreneur. 


You are an entrepreneur. A creative. A small business owner. A dreamer. A do-er. 

But you don't have any idea what your financial picture looks like for the business.

Because you have issues with money.

It's also why keeping your shoe-box full of receipts to hand off to your tax accountant at the end of the year is enough for you.

You don't need the bookkeeping...that's overkill when the shoe-box works. Am I right?


Your money, or lack of, is controlling you. And it's because you have a hangup. You need to address where that came from. Step away from your creative ways, for just a minute, and put your analytical glasses on. 

Or grab a cup of coffee.

Here's the thing.

Humans spend emotionally... a lot. But you're not tracking it. In fact, if you're the shoe-boxer type, you spend in your business and never think about it again. It gets handed off to your tax person, like a touch-down pass, as you say something along the lines of 'just let me know how bad it is'.

Back up a second. You have noooooo idea what the heck your money is doing throughout the year. At all. Zero control. 

Your money is controlling you because you refuse to look at it. 

You're going to have to face that down if you plan to be successful at your dream. You have to be in touch with what your money is doing. You MUST learn that bookkeeping for your business, which is simple really, is part of the power-team you need for success.

Here are a couple of ways you can overcome the emotional connection to your business spending that holds you back from moving forward:

Block Time Each Week

We are all busy. But it will only take you a mere 15-30 minutes to assess what spending you did last week, and how you can improve on it going forward. Was it ordinary and necessary for your business? Is it producing an income generating outcome? Set it in your calendar on Monday mornings. View it as a non-negotiable "meeting" with your financial side. Get to know that rhythm. 

Don't Get Tied Up In The Emotions Your Spending May Bring Up

That's a heavy there. Don't play mind games with justification. This is the time to allow your analytical side a moment out. We all have one. It just depends on how sharply you train yours to respond. This is the moment for analytical shining. You have it. Use it. If you have to do a gut check just to look at what you have coming in and going out, write that down to deal with later. And deal with it.

Set A Financial Process Going Forward

Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. But give yourself a path to navigate forward. Once you retrain how you view your money, you want to start using it to your advantage, and to that of your business. Commit to doing your bookkeeping. Commit to seeing the numbers side of your business as a valuable addition to your workflow. You'll prosper. You'll grow. And you'll find that the money doesn't have a hold on you unless you give it one.

You're much more resourceful than you give yourself credit for.