Hustling Down The Wrong Road

I’ve often struggled with the word “hustle” in relationship to being in business. Never quite embraced the fact that I was hustling, per se.

I felt like it cheapened my entrepreneurial spirit.

But I needed to define this past year. I had no idea what I had been doing was “hustling” until I was ready to burn the whole thing down.

It was time to take a real look at what I built.

hus·tle; to obtain by forceful action or persuasion.

The past year has been massive for business growth. I had ideas, put them into action, worked my tail off building them.

I made it happen.

Financial goals? Crushed them beyond what I thought was even possible. By all outward appearances I was entrepreneurial success.

On the inside I felt void, uninterested, restless, tired…but I kept pushing…because that’s what entrepreneurs do, right?

We. Keep. Going.

In other words, I was hustling…

I knew I had a purpose to begin with, however, I was now out of touch with that purpose.

I was hustling down the wrong road.

Somewhere along the way of building success, I deviated from the very reason I began. I traded passion for shiny objects, sacrificed my vision for short wins.

I became distracted.

Being no stranger to building a business that could make money, it was time to step back and sit the heck down.

Where was I losing sight of my dream? Where was I choosing to deviate?

You see, we don’t ever realize the microscopic shifts in the moment. It’s small decisions chipping away, over time, at the goal. Then one day, we wake up and realize we were either delusional in our vision (not usually the case), or we have to squint to identify what that vision was again (most likely).

To refocus and realign.

Honestly, it’s in the still small voice.

What is the one thing we do very little of?

Sit in the silence of unbusy.

It’s hard to settle down from constant go. But we must give ourselves moments where we tap into the deep areas that get easily hushed because every other moment is more demanding of our mental focus.

It’s time to bring that vision back in focus.

The vision that is still there, still the same, still waiting for you.

Quite like my vision was still waiting for me.

Purpose is about who you are.

Vision is about the possibilities of what you can become.

Alignment is about correct arrangement of your goals.

Goals are the milestones that mark your progress toward your vision.

What purpose is to vision, alignment is to goals.

Still Small Voice 2.png