The Case for Silencing the Online Noise in your Business


Effing busy.  

And the ever-loving directional push and pull as an entrepreneur is wickedly seductive.

I'm an accounting and process creation junkie and I love to learn.  But I also enjoy engaging with people to work with them, teach them, encourage them, support them, talk to them.  My business journey to encompass all the above has seen it's fair share of nonsensical noise in the online world touting the right way to monitize my biz. 

Let me riff on this for a minute...  

What does the online noise translate to?  Excess interference for you to pursue your business efficiently.  Each of the 483,569 directions has some relevance somewhere, I'm sure of it, but guess what?  That noise is a never ending rabbit hole taking away from you being the most bada** entrepreneur in your realm.  

You.  Know.  This.  

Creating a barrier, a stopping point, a generalized "no", is hard because you work from your own independent space.  You craaaaave the external world ... just a tiny bit.  

I get it.  Completely.  We are intrinsically social, even if you're an introvert.  


You have to silence the excess.  You need to set those limits, those boundaries.  I had to learn it too.  And when I did, I was able to move forward.  I KNEW what I could do for my clients.  I was able to dream, innovate, build, create.  My vision gained clarity.  

All because I silenced the online noise.

Let me tell you ... there's something to be said about conquering sh*t ... it makes for some well developed business building.   

Trust me.

It's worth it's weight in gold.  

What's this have to do with your business bookkeeping?  


In the online world, there are quite a few people suddenly popping up as experts in the bookkeeping field.  This concerns me.  Because business owners DON'T always know the in's and out's of what's proper or not for their bookkeeping, and inexperienced bookkeepers are jumping in to start up a presumably overnight business, more often than not this creates a massive headache that is not usually caught until about a year down the road when you, the business owner, hasn't a clue where to start and what to fix.  

That plain sucks.  

And these overnight bookkeepers are part of the online noise; they give incorrect advise.  What's more problematic is they don't follow through, therefore, muddying the waters for ACTUAL bookkeeping experts.  A good bookkeeper can be the middle link between you and your tax preparer.  A good bookkeeper by your side can make your entire financial aspect of business, no matter how big or small, extremely seamless during tax time and throughout the year.

If you don't already have a system in place, do me a favor and grab this free simplified income and expense spreadsheet I've created (ties right in with taxes for your tax pro) that will help you be organized when you find your bookkeeper soulmate.  

And because I want to make sure you have every opportunity to take this noisy bookkeeping bs off your plate, be sure to ask questions.  

I want to help.

Better yet...if you want real, experienced, regular kicka** bookkeeping support on the regular, check out becoming a founding member on a new, unique bookkeeping solution.  You just may be one of my soulmate members and I just may be your soulmate bookkeeper person.  Let's make something ridiculously mundane rather enjoyable.

Now THAT'S silencing some online noise.