Do You Suffer From Bookkeeping Chickenitis?

There's a vaccine for that.

One of the main culprits to small business failure, or lack of profitability, is poor accounting.

And it starts with bookkeeping.  

Whether it’s bad numbers, or no numbers, flying bookkeeping blind is a recipe for small business disaster. 

The BIGGEST hurdle I hear from new biz owners is that bookkeeping is not affordable, or they are not "there" yet....or

They don't know how.

You just started out.  You consider your new gig a "hobby" businesses because it's not making any money right now so bookkeeping is not even a priority. 

Guess what...?

There's no such thing as a "hobby" business.  And your bookkeeping IS a necessary priority.  You are in this to make a profit, so it's a business, and you need to have bookkeeping established.

You Need to know.

There are ways to eliminate the fear factor of not-knowing-how.  Solutions do exist that are affordable and will start small with you.  Step it up and ask the questions to move away from your bookkeeping avoidance.  No one said you had to be awesome at it, you just have to have the right guidance pointing you in the best direction for success. 

You don't have to suffer.


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