The Journey

I want to talk about Journey and vision...and I don't mean the band Journey. Although they are pretty cool.

We all have goals, ideas of what our future is going to look like,

But we get hung up on that distant future self. I remember when I used to think "when I get to be 16". Then it was 18 and 21. Or when my my skin clears up or when I lose 10, 15, 20 lbs. or when I get my dream job or make more money in my business.

You get my point.

Here's where Journey enters in. We all look forward to the next phase or the next item or the future self. We are programmed to think that way, for the end result of something. What we are missing is the moment. That's The journey. That's where you should be.


Remember when you wanted that new car? How every time you thought about that new car you're going to get, it made you feel empowered, or better, or cooler for lack of better words at the moment.

How about when you had a trip planned. You couldn't wait to be on the trip. You couldn't wait to be headed towards the trip. Granted, the trip was enjoyable, but I soon as it was done and you were on your way back you were looking for your next opportunity to keep your focus forward towards another goal.

What if I told you it's not in achieving that goal that you find your satisfaction? What if I told you that getting that new car wasn't going to solve all your problems. What if I told you that trip you have planned in the near future was not going to leave you rested and content when you got home? Because it won't. It can't. The moment or newness is gone and now you are adjusting to finding your next goal to look forward to. Because you have to have those dreams or goals but they should not be your driving force.

Onto the next goal because we have to chase something.

If we stop for a minute to realize that what we actually want is not so much that goal but to fill that desire to feel accomplished, we would realize it's where the Journey meets life. Somehow there has to be a way that you learn to love the journey.

That is a huge mindset shift.

You can. You can love the process of getting there when you are in alignment with your goal, your purpose, your calling. How do I know? Because I learned it the hard way to let life be the Journey.



Whitedove Gannon