Take a Hike Stupid Mindset

Yeah, get the hell out of here.

I don't understand why limiting beliefs create such paralysis in so many would-be awesome location-free entrepreneurs.  You are out there....I know it.  

So why aren't you kicking ass and taking names?

That mindset is haunting you.  

We only have this one life to live.  We only get one chance to live openly, or live with regret.  It's you choice.  But let me propose to you to live openly.

I won't live in a corner, afraid of making a mistake, unsure if I have what it takes to be out in the open and paralyzed by limits, just to look back and see I could have done more.


You with me?

I want to experience the freedom of crashing through limits, blazing a trail, working for my dream...goal...future.

Screw the mindset.  I don't play along anymore.  

Take that stand and move those mountains.  You already have the desire to blast through those ceilings created for you, by you.  

So do it.

Open yourself up to say more, play more, do more....receive more.  Once you do that, the fictitious mindset you created will be gone.  You will grow.  Your business will expand.

You will love what you do.

I ALMOST didn't believe that was possible.  Once upon a time...

But here I am.  Doing my thing.  Branding me.  Location free.  

And it's all working out just fine.

In fact, one day I will be able to look back on my life and see I have no regrets...because I did the thing.


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Whitedove Gannon